Author: Erik Golinelli

Since I was first given a Commodore64 as a child my love for the keyboard was more than obvious! I’m Erik and I currently work in my own company in italy, where I am deployed as a fullstack developer (or one man army as you prefer). I have been studying graphics and communication but the curiosity has led me to be involved in all aspects of web design, from design to programming. I am the author/contributor of some plugins and templates for WordPress and WooCommerce, follow me on

ssc test

The video is played every time it returns in the viewport and paused if not ended Use the mouse wheel to control video playback Video playback controlled by Y position Video playback controlled by mouse X position Animated Animated Animated Animated Animated Animated 10000 10000 Animated Text Stagger letter Text Stagger words Another Stagger Animated […]

How encode images to webp in browser with vanilla js without plugins

Some days ago, while using a react repo I discovered this method that uses canvas to convert images to webp. Currently it’s not perfect and in some browsers won’t work on some browsers (guess which one: safari) and has a limited support for icc profiles / color space. You can find more info about project […]

close up photo of rainbow colors

Generate HSL color schemes with SCSS and CSS Custom Properties

Here’s how to generate complex HSL color schemes with saturation, lightness and opacity with SASS and CSS variables (custom properties). All you need to do is to set the –color-hue the –color-sat and –color-luma variables that represents the hsl values of your main color. Each color will then be represented as follows: Quick Tips: In […]