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Since I was first given a Commodore64 as a child my love for the keyboard was more than obvious! I’m Erik and I currently work in my own company in italy, where I am deployed as a fullstack developer (or one man army as you prefer). I have been studying graphics and communication but the curiosity has led me to be involved in all aspects of web design, from design to programming. I am the author/contributor of some plugins and templates for WordPress and WooCommerce, follow me on

How to bulk compress images with command line and get a Faster Website

In the ever-evolving landscape of the internet, website performance stands as a pivotal factor in user satisfaction. Slow-loading pages can lead to frustration, increased bounce rates, and diminished user engagement. That’s where Squashify comes into play, a game-changing package that promises not only efficiency but a seamless way to compress and optimize images, ensuring your […]

Effortless WordPress Setup in Under 5 Seconds: Unleash Speed and Simplicity with WPMM!

Are you ready to elevate your WordPress experience? Introducing WPMM – your all-in-one solution for seamless WordPress installation, theme management, and plugin orchestration. In this post, we’ll dive into the features of this npm package and guide you on how to harness its potential for your WordPress projects. What is WPMM? WPMM, short for “WordPress […]

How to Use JavaScript to Display a Custom Banner After Cookie Consent

Introduction Obtaining user consent for processing their data is a crucial aspect of compliance with data privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA. To enhance user experience, you might want to display a customizable banner on your website after the user has provided consent via a cookie banner. This article will guide you through the […]

Is Adobe’s ‘Save for Web’ Outdated? A Comprehensive Comparison with Modern Alternatives

In the world of digital graphics, optimizing images for the web has never been more essential. In an era where PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix scores can make or break your online presence, the need for efficient image compression techniques is paramount. Historically, Adobe Photoshop reigned supreme in this arena with its venerable “Save for Web” […]

ssc test

The video is played every time it returns in the viewport and paused if not ended Video playback controlled by mouse X position (mouse position) Video playback controlled by mouse X position (drag and drop) Use the mouse wheel to control video playback Video playback controlled by Y position Example: Animation – Duration Example: Animation […]

Enable webp avif and heic/heif support for WordPress

if you need only imageMagick and webp support: if you need only imageMagick-7.x and webp, avif and heic support: First of all, you may want to remove the original imagemagick, since there is no need to keep the old bundled version. Install the needed packages many of them are already installed. Ref. Download imageMagick […]