Add any svg to your website with the superpowers of the block editor. Out-of-the-box security and speed optimization!

find it @ wordpress.org plugin directory https://wordpress.org/plugins/oh-my-svg/

This plugin provides the SVG Block to your block editor, this can be used with any svg icon or image (or even with a html snippet).Some key features are provided like automatic markup sanitation, optimization (svgo), and small utility to change the color and the markup that will be very useful for you to create variations of your image.

This block has the same controls as the images, but actually the content is xml markup, and you can change it as you like! This allows thousands of possibilities… You will be able to use css animations or js scripts to animate it, change the inner text of the svg, create variations of the same svg.

From a performance standpoint, know that the image will not be included as an external resource, but will instead be within the markup of the page, thus making svg even faster than it already is.



without optimizations (just imported)

with optimization (svgo)

with optimization, with transformations, link an modified color

how add a svg block
SVG edit capabilities