Turbocharge Your React Apps with React Vanilla Lazy Load

Are you looking to optimize the loading performance of your React applications? Look no further! Welcome to the world of React Vanilla Lazy Load – the lightweight, efficient solution to lazy loading images, videos, iframes, and even React components in your React projects.

What is React Vanilla Lazy Load?

React Vanilla Lazy Load harnesses the power of the renowned Vanilla LazyLoad script to seamlessly integrate lazy loading capabilities into your React applications. Despite the name’s apparent contradiction, this module beautifully bridges the gap between React’s dynamism and Vanilla LazyLoad’s efficiency.

Installation Made Easy

Getting started with React Vanilla Lazy Load is a breeze. Simply install the package via npm:

npm install react-vanilla-lazyload

How to Use

Using React Vanilla Lazy Load is intuitive and straightforward. You have two primary options:

1. Using VanillaLazyLoad Component

You can employ the VanillaLazyLoad component directly in your app, usually placed in the footer and after all other lazy components. Here’s a quick example:

import React from "react";
import { VanillaLazyLoad, LazyImg } from "react-vanilla-lazyload";

const App = () => {
return (
{/* Other components */}
<LazyImg src={"your-image-src"} width={440} height={560}/>

export default App;

2. Using LazyWrapper Component

Alternatively, you can utilize the LazyWrapper component to wrap all your lazy components within a designated scope. This is particularly useful when you want to limit lazy loading to specific sections of your app:

import React from 'react';
import { LazyWrapper, LazyImg } from "react-vanilla-lazyload";

const MyComponent = () => {
return (
{/* Your lazy components here */}
<LazyImg src={"your-image-src"} width={440} height={560}/>

export default MyComponent;

Key Components

React Vanilla Lazy Load offers a variety of components tailored to your lazy loading needs:

  • LazyImg: Lazy load images effortlessly.
  • LazyVideo: Lazy load videos for optimized performance.
  • LazyIframe: Lazy load iframes seamlessly.
  • LazyEl: Lazy load any element with customizable options.
  • LazyModule: Lazy load React components dynamically.

Examples Galore

Explore our collection of examples to see React Vanilla Lazy Load in action:

  • Demo: Basic demonstration of lazy loading components.
  • Animated: Showcase of animated lazy loading elements.
  • Images: Example highlighting lazy loading of images.
  • Infinite Scroll: Implementation of lazy loading in an infinite scroll scenario.
  • Native: Example demonstrating native lazy loading capabilities.

Get Started Today!

Ready to supercharge your React apps with lazy loading capabilities? Dive into React Vanilla Lazy Load today and experience enhanced performance and smoother user experiences like never before. Check out our Examples to get started!

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