Theme setup

ReadMe! How setup & customize correctly this theme in the WordPress environment

Environment setup

Learn how install node and npm and use the gulp tasks to hack the style, scripts and more.

Theme functions

Modul-R theme have also has a lot of integrated features and useful functions, checkout!

Why Modul R? And why It will be my next WordPress template?

Modul R is a powerful and flexible theme that provides a fast way to create an awesome website. Modul R brings plenty of customization possibilities and comes with SASS style (with a lot of possible customizations), visibility triggered animations, parallax, lightbox, slider, grid layout (masonry), category sidebar accordion and many more features!

Modul R provides also a seamless integration with Gutemberg and Woocommerce.

Modul-R [ mɒdjʊlə] is new theme for your WordPress, designed to be a starter theme to hack with a kit of reusable parts and functions, with the website speed performance in mind.

For this reason, to get working the most interesting features of this theme you will need to use a child theme (which I have already prepared), and install NodeJS, NPM and Gulp.

README: The configuration takes a maximum of 5 minutes, it is strictly recommended if you want to customize colors, fonts, site width, type of header and many other things!

But why are customizations both in SASS variables and into customizer?
Because the customizer has quite limited customization skills compared to the SASS, but I wanted to give them the chance to use both. SASS way is recommended, you will have a much more articulated style, for example you can create tonal variations (desaturation, brightness etc) of theme colors or let you choose the orientation of the header (logo at the left of the menu or logo above the menu).