Theme Setup

Theme init

After theme install we have some little jobs to do!

  • Create a menu then assign it into the primary navigation
  • Then go to the Widget section, and under the footer widget add a “text widget”. All other widget are optionals but supported, in this web site for example, I put a “archive widget” and a “page widget”.
  • (optional) Create a “homepage” page and optionally upload a featured image then go to settings > reading and select the homepage that we have just created as a static homepage


(optional) Into the WordPress customizer you have the following options:

  • Custom logo and / or display site title and description
  • Custom header background (a image who cover the background)
  • Custom header text color (who change the headline color)
  • Custom background color.

That’s all! šŸŽ‰ The theme is ready

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