Effortless WordPress Setup in Under 5 Seconds: Unleash Speed and Simplicity with WPMM!

Are you ready to elevate your WordPress experience? Introducing WPMM – your all-in-one solution for seamless WordPress installation, theme management, and plugin orchestration. In this post, we’ll dive into the features of this npm package and guide you on how to harness its potential for your WordPress projects.

What is WPMM?

WPMM, short for “WordPress Magic Manager” is a Node.js script designed to simplify and enhance the WordPress setup process. This npm package empowers developers and WordPress enthusiasts to effortlessly install, configure, and manage WordPress installations, themes, and plugins with just a single command.

Key Features:

Easy Configuration:

Define your WordPress setup in a clean and concise wp-package.json file.

Specify WordPress version, language, themes, and plugins effortlessly.

Flexible Installation:

WPMM supports custom configurations, allowing you to set up WordPress exactly the way you want. Tailor database settings, site URLs, and more to match your project requirements.

Automatic Theme and Plugin Installation:

Easily install themes and plugins directly from URLs or GitHub repositories. WPMM handles the download, extraction, and installation processes seamlessly.

WordPress Configuration Made Simple:

WPMM goes beyond installation. It automates the setup of your wp-config.php file, ensuring that your WordPress configuration reflects your custom settings.

How to Use WPMM:

Installation: no installation required

Create Configuration: Craft a wp-package.json file in your project directory, detailing your WordPress setup preferences.

Run WPMM: Execute the script by running the following

npx wpmm

you can provide a file with a different configuration adding --template="my-wp-package.json" (replace "my-wp-package.json" with the name of your custom configuration file).

Sit Back and Relax: Let WPMM do the heavy lifting. Watch as it installs WordPress, themes, and plugins according to your specifications.

Explore Your WordPress Setup: Once the installation is complete, access your WordPress site and explore the seamlessly configured environment.


WPMM brings efficiency and simplicity to WordPress management. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a WordPress enthusiast, WPMM empowers you to create and manage WordPress projects with unparalleled ease. Unlock the power of WordPress with WPMM – where installation meets innovation.

Ready to get started? Install WPMM today and experience the future of WordPress management. Happy coding!

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