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Custom Theme Functions

This template include a ton of pre-builded animations and object position observers. Every page item can be animated easily, the animation can be triggered when they are inside the viewport or could be a loop. In order to create an “observed” object you need to add to each block that need it “interactive” to the […]

Environment Setup

When I did this theme I thought about my usual workflow… what I consider essential to speedup my development phase. I use gulp to post-process the sass, minify javascript and images, create the pot file for translations. I hope this theme can be a good starting point for developers, theme hackers and for everyone who […]

Theme Setup

Theme Configuration After theme install we have some little jobs to do! For first we need to create a menu then assign it into the primary navigation Then you may want to setup the Footer Widgets. The first footer element (credits) is automatically managed and added with customizer > footer but you can add any […]