Custom Theme Functions

You can animate page items when they are inside the viewport. Add the “interactive” custom class to the block of the new Gutemberg editor. interactive: init the animation watcher Animation classes (you can add/make your own in animations.scss) alignclose: this class removes the distance between blocks fade-in: opacity animation from 0 to 100% enter-down: transition […]

Environment Setup

When I did this theme I thought about my usual workflow… what I consider essential to speedup my development phase. I use gulp to post-process the sass, minify javascript and images, create the pot file for translations. I hope this theme can be a good starting point for developers, theme hackers and for everyone who […]

Theme Setup

Theme init After theme install we have some little jobs to do! Create a menu then assign it into the primary navigation Then go to the Widget section, and under the footer widget add a “text widget”. All other widget are optionals but supported, in this web site for example, I put a “archive widget” […]

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