Generate a qr code with contact form 7

You need to generate a qr code with contact form 7? Here is a simple script to do it, just copy the code below into your cf7 form.

To test the script add an url and then press submit.

    [url* url-368 id:qrurl placeholder "Paste your URL here"]
    <div id="qrcode"></div>
    <script src=""></script> 
    <script type="text/javascript">
    var wpcf7Elm = document.querySelector( '.wpcf7' );
    var qr = document.getElementById("qrcode");
    wpcf7Elm.addEventListener( 'wpcf7mailsent', function( event ) { 
     var qrUrl=document.getElementById('qrurl').value;
     setTimeout(function() {
      new QRCode(document.getElementById("qrcode"), qrUrl ); 
     }, 100);
    }, false );
    wpcf7Elm.addEventListener( 'wpcf7mailfailed', function( event ) {
    [submit "submit"]

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    3 responses to Generate a qr code with contact form 7

    1. Hi Erik

      Thanks to create a special page for this request.

      I copied and pasted your code and all I got was the message but not the QR code :-/


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