ssc test

The video is played every time it returns in the viewport and paused if not ended

Video playback controlled by Y position

Video playback controlled by mouse X position (mouse position)

Video playback controlled by mouse X position (drag and drop)

Use the mouse wheel to control video playback

Example: Animation – Duration

1000ms (default)
3000ms (default)

Example: Animation – Delay

0 delay
2000ms delay

Example: Animation – Active area (80% 50% 20%)


Example: Animation – No animation in / No animation out

no animation in
no animation out

Example: Animation – Linear / EaseIn / EaseOut / EaseInOut

Ease In
Ease Out
Ease In Out

Example: Stagger (childs)

Example: Animation – Stagger (Elements)

Custom Animation

Title stagger (word)

Title stagger (letters)

Title text remix


Parallax title

scroll with the mouse over the image on the left


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