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Generate HSL color schemes with SCSS and CSS Custom Properties

Here’s how to generate complex HSL color schemes with saturation, lightness and opacity with SASS and CSS variables (custom properties). All you need to do is to set the –color-hue the –color-sat and –color-luma variables that represents the hsl values of your main color. Each color will then be represented as follows: Quick Tips: In […]

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How remove caps-lock from WordPress comments (retroactively)

There are people, sometimes whole departments of companies, who from the day they buy a keyboard to when they throw it away keep the caps-lock on. I don’t understand them and for this reason i made a plugin to convert everything they write to the correct case. It may come in handy if you have […]

How serve automatically .webp images with Nginx

If your website uses several transparent png images the most convenient and effective optimization is to convert all the media assets to webp format… this will cut heavily the pageload because webp could weigh up to 10% of the original image. There is a way with nginx to hijack the request from standard images formats […]